About Chris

Chris HackettThank you for your interest in my work. My clients get a lot of relief from chronic and acute pain, stress and injury.  I can offer you some ease and comfort with your body.

Pregnant women have received help with their temporary body change issues.

I see people from 8 to 90 years old.

I found my talent for massage and bodywork, and I want to offer you the healing that my hands can give.

When I went to massage school I rose to the top of my class, earning respect from my classmates and teachers.  Clients have said I have a gift for being sensitive and intuitive.  Comprehension of the human form is natural to me.

I’d say what I do is a deeper version of acupressure with a craniosacral influence.  I blend traditional Swedish massage and get creative with some of the practical aspects of Shiatsu and Thai massage.  This gets me amazing feedback.

I know I can help and make a positive difference in the body of anyone landing on my table.