Sensitive, Intuitive, Effective Massage for all ages

Chris HackettSpecializing in Chronic and Acute Pain, Injury and Stress Relief

At Healing Bodywork, my first priority is Removing shame through Coaching at touch. In my 10 years as a massage therapist, I have gained a reputation as a true healer. My clients especially appreciate my sensitive, intuitive touch and compassionate “listening” hands.


“Chris has an incredible ability to find the problem spots easily and make those problems go away. I’ve always left feeling an amazing sense of relief that a problem that was nagging, is no longer there. Some massage therapists lack the true ability to sense what’s going on with someones muscles, but Chris is a master at it. Most times I don’t even need to tell him what’s wrong, he just goes right to the problem area as if magnetically drawn to it.” –Lisa H.


“Chris is an intuitive, skilled body worker who makes actual changes in my muscles and body. I need more than a relaxing rub, I need true therapy, and Chris provides it. He is great at communicating, and he made me feel safe and cared for. I highly recommend him.” –Susan K.


Using a combination of Acupressure, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Swedish Massage, I am able to get positive results for anyone on my table.


Let me put my hands to work bringing balance and relief into your life TODAY!


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